The Tom Dooley Files Author


Author Charlotte Corbin Barnes

Author Charlotte Corbin Barnes

     The Tom Dooley Files is Charlotte Corbin Barnes’ first try at writing a book.  She never imagined that, once finished, it would be nearly 500 pages.  “I just kept finding more and more new material.  The research took me almost 30 years, but it was ALL well worth it.  The oral history interviews we collected between 1988 and 1999 are priceless.  We got closer to information sources than anyone else has so far thanks to Edith Ferguson Carter.  Sadly, most of charming folks who participated in those interviews are no longer with us.”

     Charlotte Corbin Barnes left a career in banking for a future in TV.  In the 1980s, she started in Public TV as a writer/producer for a show called Cinema Classics Cinema Classics featured old Hollywood movies that got tied to events going on in the Carolinas at the time.   Music From the Heart came next.  It is the first documentary she and husband Bill partnered on.  It was funded by the North Carolina Arts Council.  Barnes then wrote and co-produced the last episode of America’s Castles: Financiers for A&E.  As a result of that, she was asked to produce an episode of HGTV’s Restore America hosted by Bob Villa.  It won an International Telly Award.  In 1997, she produced The Memory Paintings of Minnie Smith Reinhardt.  Commissioned by the Hickory Museum of Art, it too was an award winner.  The duo then began producing a string of “their own” documentaries.  The first was Tiger Haven: Saving the Big Cats, about an exotic cat rescue and sanctuary in Tennessee.  They then turned their focus on their home state of Indiana.  You’ll Like Lintona documentary about Bill’s hometown, cleaned up in 2007 by winning five International Telly Awards.  Next up was Goose Pond: The Story of a Wetland & Its Neighbors that began airing on Indiana Public TV in 2012.  It’s a documentary about the largest wetland restoration of its kind in US history.  It received two International Telly Awards.   In 2013, Charlotte Corbin Barnes finally retired from TV to begin working full time on The Tom Dooley Files.  

     Charlotte Corbin Barnes lives outside of Charlotte, NC with her husband Bill and their cat Mr. Bean.  Her next book is already well underway, a novel called Dooley!   It expresses Barnes’ gut feelings about what she believes “really” happened surrounding the murder of Laura Foster.  

     “The Tom Dooley legend’s still alive and well!” says Charlotte Corbin Barnes, author of The Tom Dooley Files AND Dooley! 



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