Barbara Krenzer Norman, Publisher/Editor, Yadkin Valley Living

The Tom Dooley Files is a mammoth collection of interviews, photos and facts.  Charlotte Corbin Barnes’ writing style is informal and comfortable.  As an award-winning television researcher, writer and producer, Barnes, along with her husband, Bill, make a creative and accomplished team.”

Rob McHale, Folk Artist/Musician*

“The Bible of Tom Dooley.”

[*Rob McHale is an accomplished folk musician and a man of few words when it comes to reviews.  His latest EP Tom Dooley and Friends, which was released in late 2016 has three songs that have made their way to the top 10 on the folk music charts.  Rob has been gracious enough to invite us to be with him on some radio shows around North Carolina.  We plan to be doing a lot more with Rob in 2017.  You can listen to Rob’s EP by simply clicking on “The Tom Dooley and Friends” cover above.]

Pamela S. Pearson, North Carolina Genealogical Society

“In addition to the interviews, the author incorporates a variety of source material, including historical newspaper reports and Dula’s trial records.  Ms. Barnes writes with enthusiasm for her subject, bringing to life her ‘search for the truth’ about Thomas C. Dula.”

Jan Kronsell, Historian, Brondby, Denmark*

“I have been interested in the Tom Dooley case ever since 2000 and have done my own research as far as it can be done from far away. I have read everything about the case that I have been able to lay my hands on. The Tom Dooley Files is the best book I have read so far. The author, Mrs. Charlotte Corbin Barnes has researched the case for 30 years, and she has dug up some very interesting facts, both from the archives, but also from interviewing a lot of different people, about their versions of the story and more. I love the way the book is structured with a mixture of quotes from interviews or files and the authors own comments.”

“What I like most about The Tom Dooley Files is that Mrs. Barnes never claims that she has the ultimate solution to the case, as some other authors do.  Instead, she puts forward her ideas and thoughts and leaves it up to the readers to make up their own minds.  For anyone interested in the Tom Dooley case, this book is a ‘must read’.”

[*Jan Kronsell first heard The Ballad of Tom Dooley many years ago as a kid living in a Copenhagen suburb in Denmark and has been doing research on the legend since 2000.]

John O. Hawkins for The Lenoir News-Topic*  

“Barnes’ book has more information about the Tom Dooley story between two covers than any other publication to date.  Any person who is serious about knowing all there is to know about the facts should be able to find them in this volume.  It is really a textbook study.”  

[*John O. Hawkins is a native of Caldwell County with an interest in local history.  He resides in Buffalo Cove, and he has heard the Tom Dooley story his entire life.]

Edith Ferguson Carter, Curator of The Tom Dooley Museum*

“What a treasure of local history…It’s all interesting…priceless!”

Edith Ferguson Carter with Charlotte Corbin Barnes

[*Before her death May 12, 2014, Edith Ferguson Carter was an inspiration, a mentor and dear friend to Charlotte.  In addition to being an artist, historian and educator, Edith was also the Founder of Whippoorwill Village and Academy in Wilkes County.]