It was once known all over the world thanks to the Kingston Trio’s chart-topping, Grammy-award winning Tom Dooley folk ballad from 1958.  Since then, however, the legend of Tom Dooley has slowly begun to fade away into history.  NOW, with the release of a new book on the subject, there’s been a rebirth in interest!  The Tom Dooley Files seems to be granting this North Carolina legend a new lease on life!

The Tom Dooley Files by rising author Charlotte Corbin Barnes is the result of nearly 30-years of especially relevant research.  The book literally teems with fascinating material about the events surrounding this historic murder.   Barnes’ book is already being hailed as “The Tom Dooley Bible.” The Tom Dooley Files offers exquisite detail about that fateful day in May when “frail” Laura Foster “simply up and disappears.”   Are the rumors true that Tom wants to marry Laura?   If that’s so, then why would he kill her?  And, if he didn’t kill her, who did and why’d they do it?  So many unanswered questions…until now!

Author Charlotte Corbin Barnes

     The Tom Dooley Files contains oral histories to help readers determine the “truths” surrounding the legend for themselves.  “It’s a great read whether you’ve heard of Tom Dooley or not.”  In addition, it’s “a most noteworthy book for today!”  

                 The Tom Dooley Files: My Search For The Truth Behind The Legend  by Charlotte Corbin Barnes

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